Dead lizard in mid-day meal lands 30 Bihar kids in hospital

| Updated: 19 May, 2023 12:13 pm IST
Children were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, with authorities assuring strict against the culprits.

CHARPA: Chaos ensued at a government school in Bihar’s Chapra on Thursday as more than 30 children fell ill after consuming the mid-day meal, which was found to contain a dead lizard.

The dead lizard, harmful if not poisonous, was found in khichri served to students at Rasulpur Utkramit Madhyamik Vidyalaya. The incident has sparked outrage among parents and demands for a thorough investigation, and strict against culprits.

The mid-day meal, meant to provide nutritious food to students at government schools, was served to the children during lunchtime. However, after consuming the khichdi, several children began experiencing nausea and dizziness, throwing the school administration into panic as the number of affected children continued to rise.

Families of the sick children rushed to the school, expressing distress and concern over the incident. All the affected children were immediately admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Dr Sagar Dulal Sinha, the civil surgeon of Saran district, confirmed that a lizard had fallen into the khichdi served during the mid-day meal, leading to the health complications. “Currently, the hospitalized children are receiving medical attention and care,” he said.

Outraged by the incident, parents and relatives are pointing fingers at the school administration, alleging negligence. The authorities have assured them that strict action will be taken against the NGO responsible for supplying the contaminated food.

SDM (Sadar) Sanjay Rai addressed the situation, stating, “We have admitted 35 children to the hospital, and doctors are providing the necessary care. Their condition is currently stable. Our first priority is their treatment, but we will ensure that appropriate action is taken against the NGO involved in food supply.”

The incident has raised concerns about food safety in schools and the need for stringent measures to prevent such unfortunate incidents in the future.

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