‘Convert, marry me or die’: Bihar model accuses Muslim man of love jihad

| Updated: 31 May, 2023 5:10 pm IST

RANCHI: A disturbing case involving allegations of love jihad has recently come to light in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Manvi Raj, a model hailing from Bihar, has accused Tanvir Akhtar Khan, the director of a modeling company, of luring her into a relationship under the guise of an alias, Yash, and subjecting her to love jihad. According to Manvi, the defendant relentlessly pressured her to convert her religion in order to marry him. “He is in possession of my pictures and he uploaded my edited pictures to pressurize me,” said Manvi in a social media video.

The situation took a viral turn when a video of Manvi detailing her ordeal spread across social media platforms. Feeling distressed by Tanvir’s actions, Manvi decided to leave Ranchi for Mumbai, only to find that he continued to pursue her there, pressuring her to change her religion and marry him. Frustrated with the circumstances, she ultimately decided to file a complaint. “He pursued me till Mumbai, where I am pursuing my dream of becoming a model. He constantly gives me threats to kill me. His sister is aware of all of this. When I sought her help, she said her brother is stubborn and he would eventually marry her, so I should not put up a fight against his advances.”

Manvi Raj lodged a complaint with the local police regarding the alleged love jihad incident. The case has now been transferred from Versova to Ranchi police.

What Manvi says in the viral video

Manvi revealed that she had initially joined a grooming institute in Ranchi, which happened to be under the management of Tanvir, who had introduced himself as Yash. Initially unaware of his true identity, she befriended him under false pretenses. However, as time went on, she discovered the truth about his real name and intentions. Tanvir began relentlessly pressuring her into marriage, going so far as to demand religious conversion. When Manvi refused to comply, Tanvir resorted to taking compromising photographs of her while she was in an intoxicated state, subsequently employing them as blackmail material. Furthermore, physical assault was allegedly part of the torment she endured.

Tanvir’s version

As per the victim, Tanvir Akhtar Khan, the accused, has acknowledged his misdeeds, accepting responsibility for causing distress to the model in an affidavit before the court, following which Manvi withdrew her complaint. However, it is alleged that Khan continued to harass her.

Conversely, Tanvir staunchly refutes the allegations leveled against him. Instead, he accuses Manvi of fraud and blackmail. He stated, “She is trying to trap me in false accusations. She has caused harm to my business. When I demanded compensation, she resorted to blackmail.” In his statement, he further mentioned that before this, the woman had sent nude pictures of him to his family and friends, but he chose to ignore them.

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