Chhath Frenzy Begins In Delhi As Devotees Offer Prayer To Setting Sun

| Updated: 30 October, 2022 6:00 pm IST
Photo: Alok Singh

The Ghats of Yamuna in Delhi turned crimson today as devotees kickstarted the four-day Chhath celebrations. Women with the symbolic orange sindoor stretching all the way from their forehead to their nose, children frolicking in Yamuna water, and elderly singing folk songs –  the Ghats of Yamuna are a sight to behold today.

The celebrations began with devotees taking a dip in the water of Yamuna river and offering prayers to the setting sun.

The frenzy is such that by evening already 50,000 devotees had arrived at the ITO ghat and offered their prayers. The arrangements at this site is fit to accomodate 20,000 people at a time.

Chhath 2022 is even more special because the full scale celebrations have resumed after a break of two years due to Covid restrictions. Devotees could barely hold their excitement at being able to perform their rituals amid all the fanfare. “All your wishes will be granted by Chhath maiya. I have everything, but my I have not keeping well. Despite that I decided to fast and perform all the rituals because I know Chhath maiya,” said Archana Pandey, who was present at the ITO Ghat.

Karol Mani Devi said that even there was less water in the river, the other arrangements were quite good.

Photo: Amit Rawat

“We have been celebrating here on the Ghats of Yamuna for 18 years now. Back home in Samastipur we had grand celebrations. But now even in Delhi we see huge celebrations. “I only ask for the well being of my country,” said Ajay Kumar Bharati.

On the first day, the main ritual of the day is to offer Arghya to the setting Sun.  On the fourth day, i.e the final day of Chhath, the second Arghya is given to the rising Sun and it is known as Usha Arghya. The 36 hours long fast is broken after giving Arghya to the Sun.

Due to pollution and froth coming out from river Yamuna, Delhi government has allowed Chhath Puja on only eight Ghats. Delhi government claimed to have set up arrangements at 1100 locations for Chhath Puja celebrations in the national capital. Temporary pits have been made for offering prayers.

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