Delhi cab driver’s murder reveals robbery plot to fund legal costs

| Updated: 15 January, 2024 8:29 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Mehraj Salmani and Asif, the primary culprits behind the brutal killing of a 43-year-old cab driver on the Main Ring Road in South Delhi, allegedly orchestrated the crime to generate funds for mounting legal expenses, as revealed in the Delhi Police chargesheet.

Mehraj Salmani and Asif, the primary culprits behind the brutal killing of a 43-year-old cab driver on the Main Ring Road in South Delhi.

According to the chargesheet, Asif and Mehraj, initially involved in criminal activities to support drug habits, found their legal costs escalating and, in desperate need of money, devised a plan to rob a cab. Their victim, Bijender Shah, an Ola cab driver, was targeted to finance their mounting legal battles, and his lifeless body was later discarded on NH24.

FIR of the case

The chilling incident unfolded on October 10, 2023, and a mobile video capturing the gruesome act had gone viral on social media, sparking nationwide outrage.

The police document details how the accused, needing funds for their legal defense, resorted to a robbery scheme that ultimately resulted in Bijender’s tragic demise.

The Incident:

On that fateful day, Bijender, stationed outside Select City Walk, was approached by Mehraj Salmani and Asif, who hired his cab for a purported journey to IGI airport. However, as they neared Varuna Officers Mess in the Delhi Cantonment area, the accused launched a sudden assault on Bijender. Asif strangled the victim with a cloth, while Mehraj took control of the driver’s seat.

Despite Bijender’s brave resistance, the attackers continued their assault. Attempting to flee, the accused accelerated the vehicle, trapping Bijender in the doors and dragging him mercilessly for 200 metres.

Despite the relentless assault, Bijender held onto the door, resulting in critical injuries all over his body. The assailants abandoned Bijender, drenched in blood, on NH24.

Mehraj and Asif had premeditated plans to sell the cab in Meerut.

The Arrest:

Fleeing to Meerut, the accused were apprehended by the UP Police. Subsequent investigations by the UP Police unveiled their involvement in a murder case in Delhi. The Delhi Police were promptly notified, leading to the transfer of Mehraj and Asif into their custody.

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