Nishikant Dubey, BJP’s leading voice on Women’s Bill, joins chorus on attack on Bidhuri

| Updated: 23 September, 2023 4:08 pm IST

NEW DELHI:  Amid backlash against BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri’s abusive comments pouring in from the INDI alliance, troubles have increased for him as his own party members have pilloried him for his derisive commentary on the floor of the House.

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey has described Bidhuri’s attack on Danish Ali as ‘highly objectionable words’.

“During his long speech, in the midst of constant hindering by other members, which was culminated into heated argument(s), Ramesh Bidhuri uttered some highly objectionable words against Danish Ali, which I wish to condemn as a responsible public representative,” Dubey wrote to the Lok Sabha speaker Birla.

The Godda Lok Sabha MP, who was present inside the Parliament and was selected by his party to speak on the merits of the Women’s Reservation Bill, was unsparing on his attack on Bidhuri even as he later questioned Ali’s conduct in the same letter to Birla.

“Sir, it is an indisputable fact that whatever Ramesh Bidhuri uttered in the House on that day against other Member of Parliament was deplorable. I also oppose the usage of any such words by any Member of Parliament against another Member or against the religious-cultural faith of other communities,” said Dubey.

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The BJP minister sought an inquiry on the incident while describing Bidhuri’s ‘abhorrent behaviour as exhibiting “inappropriate behavior’ during the discussion going on ‘Chandrayan’s success’.

“I, therefore, request you to constitute an ‘Inquiry Committee’ to investigate the utterances made by various members during the said discussion and also to inquire the extent of culpability of various other members of Parliament in instigating our citizens by way of their comments made in the House by taking the shelter of Article 105 of our Constitution.”

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