Bizarre: India-obsessed Pakistani actor calls on Delhi Police to end mayhem in her country

Pakistani entertainer Sehar Shinwari attempted to file a complaint against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of instigating chaos in her country. Adding to the peculiarity, she tagged the Delhi Police, urging them to take action.

| Updated: 10 May, 2023 3:38 pm IST

The Delhi Police swiftly shut down Pakistani entertainer Sehar Shinwari’s attempt to garner attention on social media amid the chaotic state of her country, caused by the civil war triggered by the arrest of popular PTI leader Imran Khan. Known for her self-proclaimed activism and controversial statements on Indian politics, Shinwari took to Twitter to file an online complaint against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, holding him responsible for the turmoil in her nation.

After Imran Khan’s arrest, Shinwari tweeted, “Anyone knows the online link of Delhi Police? I’ve to file a complaint against Indian PM &…RAW who are spreading chaos and terrorism in my country.”

Responding with wit, the Delhi Police put an end to her attention-seeking and outlandish tweets, highlighting the lack of jurisdiction in Pakistan and questioning how she was able to tweet when internet access had been severed in her country. “We still don’t have jurisdiction in Pakistan…Would like to know how….you’re tweeting when the internet has been shut…in your country,” replied Delhi Police.

Shinwari has gained notoriety for her ludicrous tweets on Indian politics and sports, often making headlines with her marriage proposals to cricketers from countries competing against India before matches. Her social media presence is marked by anti-Modi and anti-BJP comments, as well as her support for Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP. This trend is not unique to Shinwari, as many social media influencers deliberately exploit India’s extensive digital reach to boost their followership by making polarizing and controversial statements.

Pakistan finds itself grappling with multiple challenges, including civil unrest, a dire economic situation, and the arrest of a prominent leader. Regrettably, amidst these trying times, certain opportunistic entertainers in the country have chosen to exploit the situation for personal gain.

Amidst the ongoing protests in Pakistan’s most populous province, Punjab, the authorities have taken swift action, leading to the arrest of approximately 1,000 individuals. According to officials, these arrests targeted lawbreakers and troublemakers across the province. Furthermore, in the aftermath of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s arrest, the violence ensued, resulting in 130 injuries among officers and officials, as stated in an official statement provided to the media.

What is truly unfortunate, however, is that instead of addressing the critical issues at hand and holding their own establishment accountable for the dire circumstances facing their country, these individuals opt to seek attention on social media by needlessly involving Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the unfolding drama. This diversion from the core problems further detracts from the urgent need for internal introspection and action.

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