Bihar cops brave bombs to foil major dacoity bid in Motihari; 2 killed

Bomb blasts and gunfire rock the region as law enforcement faces off against armed criminals.

Motihari | Updated: 26 June, 2023 4:49 pm IST
Bomb blasts and gunfire rock the region as law enforcement faces off against armed criminals.

MOTIHARI: A fierce encounter unfolded between the Bihar Police and a gang of dacoits in Bihar’s Motihari on Sunday, lasting nearly an hour and resulting in multiple casualties.

The audacious criminals, equipped with an arsenal of explosives, launched a series of bomb attacks, leaving three brave policemen seriously injured. In a swift counteraction, the police responded with gunfire, resulting in the death of two dacoits.

The confrontation, centered in the Purainhia area under the jurisdiction of Ghorasahan police station, kept the residents on edge during the early hours of Sunday.

Authorities received a tip-off about the dacoits attempting to carry out a robbery in the area. Acting swiftly, a well-prepared police team promptly arrived at the scene, only to be met with an unexpected bomb assault launched by the criminals.

“The dacoits came prepared, armed with gas cutters, digging tools, and a deadly supply of explosives,” said Motihari SP Kantesh Kumar Mishra. “Upon encountering the police team, they unleashed chaos with a devastating bomb attack.”

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The resolute police officers sustained injuries during the assault and were immediately rushed to the nearest hospital for medical attention. As investigations unfolded, it was discovered that more than 14 bombs had been detonated by the dacoits, leaving the area marred with destruction and a lingering sense of fear.

The police fired approximately 25 rounds of bullets in response to the imminent threat, neutralizing two of the dacoits and injuring several others.

The clash site, now cordoned off, continues to pose dangers as live bombs remain scattered across certain areas. Bloodstains, grim reminders of the intense encounter, extend up to the nearby Nepal border. Police have called in a specialized bomb squad to defuse any live bombs found in the area.

The injured police officers, identified as Balaran Singh (45), Subham Kumar (24), and Bittu Kumar (25), are currently undergoing treatment at the civil hospital in Motihari. Simultaneously, the bodies of the deceased dacoits have been sent for post-mortem examinations to ascertain their identities.


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