Assam gets 492 MW power boost from Uttar Pradesh

NLC India joint venture will supply 492 MW of power to Assam, boosting state’s development

| Updated: 13 June, 2023 6:35 pm IST
The PPA was signed and exchanged between NUPPL CEO CS Santhosh and Chandan Deka, Chief General Manager/Commercial & EE, APDCL, in Guwahati

NEW DELHI: State-owned NLC India joint venture Neyveli Uttar Pradesh Power (NUPPL) has recently signed an important agreement to supply 492 MW of electricity to the state of Assam.

The power will be generated from NUPPL’s Ghatampur thermal plant, which has a total capacity of 1,980 MW.

This significant development is expected to ensure a steady and reliable power supply for Assam’s growing electricity demands and contribute to the state’s overall development.

The joint venture, consisting of NLC India and Uttar Pradesh Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd., is currently establishing a coal-based supercritical thermal power plant in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Nagar District.

With equity participation of 51:49, the project aims to harness the potential of the Ghatampur region and meet the energy needs of the region effectively.

The power purchase agreement (PPA) between NUPPL and the Assam government was officially announced on Tuesday. The agreement guarantees the supply of 492.72 MW of power from NUPPL’s Ghatampur Thermal Power Plant to Assam.

The PPA was signed and exchanged between NUPPL CEO CS Santhosh and Chandan Deka, Chief General Manager/Commercial & EE, APDCL, at Bijulee Bhawan in Guwahati.

The power allocation from NUPPL’s Ghatampur Thermal Power Plants was revised by the power ministry earlier this year. As a result, Uttar Pradesh and Assam have been designated 1,487.28 MW (75.12%) and 492.72 MW (24.88%) of power supply, respectively. This allocation ensures a fair distribution of energy resources to meet the demands of both states.

NLC India CMD Prasanna Kumar Motupalli expressed his satisfaction with the agreement, emphasising the commitment of NUPPL to contribute to the growth and development of Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and the entire country. He believes that meeting the increasing energy demands and driving progress in various sectors will be achievable through this collaboration.

NUPPL CEO CS Santhosh highlighted the significance of the PPA, stating that it is essential for the project’s sustainability and will instill confidence among stakeholders.

The power supply provided by NUPPL is expected to have a positive impact on Assam’s socio-economic landscape. It will support industrial growth, enhance the quality of life for residents, foster entrepreneurship, and attract further investments to the region.

With this power agreement in place, Assam can look forward to a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity, enabling the state to meet its energy requirements and propel its progress in various sectors. The collaboration between NUPPL and the Assam government marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable and inclusive growth in the region.


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