Assam CM accuses Rahul Gandhi of tourist visa status

| Updated: 23 April, 2024 1:37 pm IST
'Rahul Gandhi is a traveller who has come to Wayanad on tourist visa" - Assam CM Himanta Biswas Sharma

EmaadVANDOOR: Assam CM Himanta Biswas Sharma accused the CPM and Congress of contesting against each other in Kerala by terming it as a drama. The Assam CM was speaking at the roadshow of Wayanad NDA candidate K Surendran.

‘In Delhi, Bengal, and Tamil Nadu, both Congress and CPM are in a mutual understanding, and in Kerala, they are pitted against each other. This is nothing but a drama to fool the public”, Himanta Biswas said.

‘Change is inevitable in Kerala. In the 2026 polls, the BJP will defeat the CPM and the Congress and will come to power. Before 2016 no one thought that the BJP would come to power in Assam. But we came to power twice and that too with more than 100 seats in a state where the Muslim population is at 36 percent. We stand for all communities and the development of all. A person who is chased out of UP is contesting from Wayanad and if he wins here it is an insult for Keralites”, he said.

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“Rahul Gandhi is asking why Pinarayi Vijayan is not arrested. When Kejriwal was sent to jail, he ( Rahul Gandhi) stood with Kejriwal. Will he join the BJP if Pinarayi is arrested? We have no idea where Rahul will go post-election. But PM Modi will rule the country with 400 seats”, the Assam CM said.

“Has anyone seen Rahul Gandhi in the constituency? Then why should you vote for him? Rahul is just a traveler who has come to Wayanad on a tourist visa”, the CM said.

The Assam CM added that he will pray for the victory of the BJP in Kerala at the Kamakhya Devi temple. Apart from K Surendran, former minister Alphonse Kannanthanam and advocate Padmanabhan led the roadshow in Vandoor.

In Wayanad, the triangular contest where Rahul Gandhi represented Congress, Annie Raja represented the CPI and K Surendran represented the BJP has become more intense day by day. However, on the ground, there is anger among the farmers and settlers living in the forest fringes over the increasing incidents of wild animal conflicts.

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Apart from the wild animal conflict issue, farmers are concerned over the steep fall in agricultural produce, mainly pepper, cardamon, and paddy.The BJP in its manifesto has promised to look into the man-animal conflict issue by working together with the state government and other stakeholders.

“We will try to find a solution once we are elected to power. Rahul Gandhi, who was the MP of Wayanad has not even raised the matter in the parliament once nor did he discuss the matter with the ministry of forest”, said BJP state president and NDA candidate K Surendran.

The BJP has been campaigning extensively in the tribal areas of Wayanad where they believe the communities will support them. District BJP leadership has been holding meetings with various tribal communities.

Union Minister Smriti Irani and BJP national president JP Nadda had arrived in Wayanad and held road shows in the constituency.

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