Facilitator of LoC infiltrations for 30 years eliminated in military operation: Army

| Updated: 17 November, 2023 12:57 pm IST

BARAMULLA: In a significant victory against cross-border terrorism, the Indian Army, in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Police, successfully thwarted an infiltration bid in the Uri sector along the Line of Control (LoC) on November 15.

“This operation led to significant casualties among terrorists and the recovery of various warlike supplies,” Colonel Raghav, Commanding Officer 8RR told The New Indian.

Despite the onset of winter, terrorists persisted in their attempts to breach the Line of Control in the Uri sector of Baramulla district. Operation Kaali was initiated based on intelligence gathered from reliable sources and the Srinagar Bureau, prompting the Indian Army to strengthen its counter-infiltration and surveillance efforts in the region.

“Joint operation parties were deployed, and in the early hours of November 15, our surveillance tracked the movement of terrorists across the LoC,” Raghav explained. Upon infiltrating, the terrorists were engaged, leading to an intense exchange of gunfire.

Following the confrontation, a thorough search of the area uncovered numerous terrorist casualties, though the exact count remains unconfirmed due to the proximity to the LoC. Two bodies were recovered, along with an array of warlike stores, including AK series rifles, two pistols, Chinese grenades, ammunition, medical supplies, eatables, Pakistani currency, and identification papers.

AK series rifles, two pistols, Chinese grenades, ammunition, medical supplies, eatables, Pakistani currency, and identification papers recovered.

“A significant outcome of the operation was the elimination of Bashir Ahmad Malik and his companion Ahmad Gani Sheikh,” Raghav revealed. Malik, a key figure in cross-border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, had served as a launch commander aiding infiltrations for the past three decades.

“Malik played a key role in facilitating infiltrations across the LoC, resulting in the loss of numerous innocent lives, including those of the security forces. His elimination marks a severe blow to the terror infrastructure operating across the LoC,” he emphasised.

The operation underscored the terrorists’ desperation to infiltrate despite the onset of the winter season. The colonel reassured the public, stating, “The Indian Army is well prepared to foil all their attempts.” This successful joint effort reaffirms the commitment of security forces to counter-terrorism operations in the region.


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