Anjali hit-&-run case: Who is BJP worker Manoj Mittal?

Opinions were divided when The New Indian visited the locality where the alleged BJP functionary stays

NEW DELHI | Updated: 05 January, 2023 10:57 pm IST

One of the key accused in the Anjali hit-and-run case, Manoj Mittal, is also one of the much-talked-about accused in the case.

When The New Indian visited the locality in Sultanpur where he lives with his family, the locals spoke in different voices. While some expressed disbelief that Mittal, 27, was involved in the incident, others say that he has a habit of picking up fights under the influence.

The New Indian spoke to a neighbour who said that Mittal, who is stated to be the co-convenor of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Sultanpuri, would often consume alcohol and fight with the neighbours over petty issues.

Mittal and his wife live on the second floor of a four-story builder’s flat in Sultanpuri’s M-Block. Mittal had shifted to this flat five years ago.

One of the neighbours, Girdhari, told The New Indian that Mittal sometimes consumes alcohol in the parking lot of the building as well.

“Many of us had objected to his drinking habit in the parking lot of the building. One day, he fought with me when I objected to it. He also broke a lock on the main gate in anger while drunk,” Girdhari said.

However, Girdhari also said that he doesn’t think that Mittal could be involved in such an act. “Under the influence, he did lose his control, but he is a regular person otherwise. He would even greet me. So, it is hard to believe that he is involved in such an incident,” Girdhari said.

While Mittal’s house was locked when The New Indian visited it, another neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said that Mittals interacted less with neighbours.

“His wife had gone somewhere before the New Year. At the time of the incident, he was alone,” the neighbour said. “But we are finding it hard to believe that a drunk person dragged someone for 13 kilometres under his car,” the neighbour said.

“We still do not believe that a drunk person could drag a person up to 13 kilometres from his car,” said another neighbour, who did not wish to be named.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police investigation revealed that the Baleno car, which was involved in the incident, was driven by Amit Khanna and Mittal was sitting next to the driving seat.

Three others – Deepak Khanna, Krishna and Mithun – were sitting in the rear seat of the car when they met with an accident. They were returning from Murthal after celebrating the New Year.

The New Indian also visited Mittal’s ration shop, which is located around two kilometres away from his house. A worker in his shop said that Mittal was a good human being. He also said that he doesn’t believe that his employer would intentionally drag that woman.

Interestingly, the employee, Kanhaiya Lal, also expressed surprise that his employer is a member of the BJP. “I don’t know when he joined the party and became its co-convenor. I have not seen him participating in any election campaign or party activity,” Kanhaiya Lal said.

When pointed out the posters of Mittal in BJP programs, Kanhaiya Lal said, “Those posters were not there before. They seem to have appeared suddenly.”

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