Anjali hit-&-run case: Meet Nidhi, friend who ran away

The New Indian reaches the house of Nidhi, the friend who was riding pillion with Anjali Singh when their scooty was hit by a Baleno car on New Year’s Day

NEW DELHI | Updated: 05 January, 2023 11:36 am IST
Nidhi bought a new house in Sultanpuri two months back 

In a startling revelation, police investigations in the Anjali hit-and-run case found some interesting information about Nidhi, who has been made a prime witness in the case.

Nidhi was riding pillion with Anjali Singh on a scooty when it was struck by a Maruti Baleno in the wee hours of January 1. After the incident, Nidhi left the place without informing anyone. She later claimed that she was too scared.

Meanwhile, the Delhi police, during its investigation, found that Nidhi was estranged from her family following differences. While her father had died earlier, Nidhi’s mother and two brothers had cut off ties with her.

Nidhi, who is around 25 years old. She lives by herself in a house in Sultanpuri. Nidhi is said to have bought the house on her own.

The New Indian visited her residence in Sultanpuri on Wednesday. Nidhi was present in the house with a lady police official. She, however, refused to talk to anyone.

Meanwhile, the neighbours told The New Indian that Nidhi had moved into this house just two months ago. She lived all alone and they would often see her coming late at night.

After CCTV footage established that she was riding pillion with Anjali, Nidhi admitted that she fled the spot following the incident. Nidhi cited that she was too scared to realise how to react to the incident and did not inform anyone.

However, Nidhi’s statement is under doubt, with people questioning how she can leave her friend to die, especially when they just attended a New Year’s celebration at the Oyo hotel in Sultanpuri.

Family members of Anjali, who live in Sultanpuri, also raised doubts about Nidhi’s story. They are demanding that the police also charge her in their daughter’s murder.

Meanwhile, The New Indian also visited the house of Nidhi’s mother, which was located in a JJ cluster in the same area. However, the house was locked.

Neighbours told The New Indian that Nidhi’s brothers work as labourers. “She was abandoned several years ago by her mother. Her father died 10 years ago due to some illness,” neighbours said. “We don’t know where she stayed all these years. But now we heard that she bought a house and lives somewhere,” they added.

Anjali and Nidhi had gone to attend a New Year’s party at an Oyo hotel. Police investigation showed that seven men also attended the party. Anjali and Nidhi left the hotel at around 1.30 am.

In her statement to the police, Nidhi claimed that Anjali was too drunk, due to which she could not ride the scooty properly. Nidhi also said that she got too scared after the incident and left the spot without informing either the police or Anjali’s family about it.

Meanwhile, the mother of Nirbhaya, Asha Devi, visited the family of Anjali at their residence in Sultanpuri. Asha Devi said that the accused should be punished as soon as possible. Expressing doubts about Nidhi’s statement, Asha Devi demanded a proper inquiry into the incident.

On the other hand, Delhi Police Special CP Shalini Singh, who is tasked by the MHA to probe any lapse by the police in the case, also visited Sultanpuri Police station. Singh said that all facts and details are being verified. The report will be submitted to MHA soon.

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