IIT Delhi employee arrested for illegally recording college girls in dressing room

| Updated: 13 October, 2023 2:44 pm IST

NEW DELHI: On Thursday, an alarming incident took place at IIT Delhi, where an employee in a non-teaching position, purportedly made an effort to film college girls who were attending a fashion show representing various colleges.

The individual in question, known as Akash and allegedly affiliated with IIT, used his mobile phone to record videos of the girls as they changed their clothes. He placed the phone in video mode at the ventilation window of the second-floor bathroom.

Based on available information, the victim, a student living in Noida who attends a prestigious girls’ college at Delhi University, visited IIT to partake in a fashion show on October 6. She was accompanied by 16 other students and college staff.

At approximately 2:30 pm, she made her way to the second-floor bathroom in the lecture hall conference building to change her clothes. Upon arrival, she found three of her friends already present. She entered the bathroom, secured the door from the inside, and initially inspected the surroundings for any signs of suspicion.


Much to her surprise, she stumbled upon a hole in the bathroom’s rear wall. Upon closer inspection, it became evident that a person had placed a mobile phone on the ventilation window to record girls changing. This window was partially open.

Following this, security personnel were alerted, and after reviewing the CCTV footage, it was discovered that a man had been spotted fleeing from the backside of the bathroom area where the girls were changing their costumes.

The accused, Akash, was subsequently apprehended with the assistance of the CCTV footage. The police have forwarded the cell phone to a forensic laboratory to assess the number of videos he may have recorded.

Meanwhile, Akash, has been taken into custody and subsequently remanded to judicial detention.”

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