All 3 suspects sent to 14-day judicial custody

| Updated: 16 April, 2023 6:59 pm IST

The three suspects, Arun Maurya, Sunny Purane, and Lavlesh Tiwari, accused of shooting former Samajwadi MP and convicted gangster Atiq Ahmed and his brother, have been remanded to 14-day judicial custody.

The three suspects appeared before the magistrate court, as per the law, within 24 hours of their apprehension for the crime committed.

The three young men who shot dead the dreaded UP mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf in the presence of policemen and media cameras in Prayagraj – share a criminal history, and at least one of them is a designated history-sheeter.

In Prayagraj, three young men, one of whom is a designated history-sheeter, shot dead Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf in front of policemen and media cameras. Posing as journalists, they hid among the media persons who were recording the jailed brothers’ interview during a medical examination and shot them from point-blank range on Saturday night.

None of the shooters are residents of Prayagraj, but all three have a criminal past and have virtually abandoned their families. Lavlesh, a district-level office-bearer of Bajrang Dal and self-proclaimed Brahmin who carries arms, not Shastras, had been to prison for slapping a girl in a crowded market some years back. Meanwhile, Sunny Singh, a designated history-sheeter, has at least 14 serious criminal cases registered against him, including cases under the narcotics act, arms act, and gangster act.

Meanwhile, The Yogi government on Saturday ordered a three-member judicial commission while suspending as many as 17 policemen, who were guarding the dreaded mafia Atiq Ahmed, minutes after he was shot dead in full public glare in an incident that has raised non-stop questions on how his security was compromised.


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