Agniveer Amritpal Singh’s death: No military funeral due to suicide, Army explains

| Updated: 16 October, 2023 12:59 am IST
Agniveer Amritpal's remains were cremated in his native village of Kotli Kalan, in Punjab's Mansa district without a Guard of Honour

Amritpal Singh, a 21-year-old Agniveer recruit from Punjab, died by suicide while on sentry duty in the Rajouri sector of Jammu and Kashmir. The soldier was serving with a battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles in the Poonch sector and had only recently commenced active duty.
His untimely demise raised questions as he was not accorded an Army Guard of Honour at his last rites.
In a statement, the White Knight Corps clarified, “In an unfortunate incident, Agniveer Amritpal Singh died while on sentry duty in the Rajouri Sector due to a self-inflicted gunshot injury.”
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Amritpal Singh’s death was met with condolences from the Indian Army, which also announced a court of inquiry to ascertain further details about the incident.
In an attempt to provide clarity on the controversy surrounding the late soldier’s funeral, the Indian Army issued an official statement, shedding light on their decision regarding Amritpal Singh’s untimely passing.

The statement expressed deep sorrow over his demise, saying, “It is a grave loss to the family and the Indian Army that Agniveer Amritpal Singh committed suicide by shooting himself while on sentry duty.”
The Army’s response emphasised that they do not differentiate between soldiers who joined the ranks before or after the implementation of the Agnipath Scheme in terms of benefits and protocols.
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However, the statement clarified their long-standing policy regarding deaths resulting from suicide or self-inflicted injury, stating, “Unfortunate instances of death arising out of suicide/self-inflicted injury, irrespective of the type of entry, are accorded due respect by the Armed Forces along with deep and enduring empathy with the family. Such cases, however, are not entitled Military Funerals as per the extant Army Order of 1967, in vogue.”
The official handle of the Indian Army also clarified on X (formerly Twitter) that financial assistance was provided for the conduct of the funeral.

“The disbursement of financial assistance/relief, as per entitlement, is given due priority including immediate financial relief for conduct of funerals.”
The Indian Army, while recognising the heavy emotional toll such instances take on the affected families and the Forces as a fraternity, stressed the importance of upholding the respect, privacy, and dignity of the family during times of grief. The statement reiterated their commitment to following established protocols.

Upon his demise, Amritpal’s remains were cremated in his native village of Kotli Kalan, in Punjab’s Mansa district.

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