After Delhi, Punjab gets 500 mohalla clinics

Punjab CM Bhagwant Manna says more than 1.25 lakh people have got their tests done for free in the first batch of 100 clinics

NEW DELHI | Updated: 28 January, 2023 2:38 am IST
Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann, along with Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, dedicated these clinics to the people of Punjab

After its first batch of 100 clinics, Punjab got another batch of 400 mohalla clinics on January 27.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) National Convenor and Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Chief minister Bhagwant Mann dedicated these clinics to the cause of ‘Sunehra-Rangla’ Punjab, in Amritsar.

While launching clinics, which the Punjab government names as Aam Aadmi Clinic, Kejriwal said, “Congratulations, Punjab! AAP Government fulfils yet another ‘Kejriwal Ki Guarantee’. 500 mohalla clinics are now up and running in your service. I’m overjoyed to see 500 clinics open in just 10 months. At AAP, we deliver on every promise we make.”

Kejriwal also said only two states in India, Delhi and Punjab, provide free electricity. He said the miracle first happened in Delhi and was replicated in Punjab.

“The centre impedes our work in Delhi, but we have resolved to do all of it in Punjab and make it the no. 1 state in the world. Thanks to the efforts of CM Bhagwant Mann, we have secured the establishment of India’s second-biggest steel plant in Ludhiana by Tata Steel,” the AAP national convenor said.

“Punjab’s politics was pawned to a handful of elite families, but the public’s mandate to AAP broke the shackles and set history,” Kejriwal added.

Kejriwal further said that in 10 months, the AAP government has regularised 15,000 employees and given 26,000 new jobs, the rest of the employees will also be regularised soon.

“The education revolution has now started in Punjab, 36 principals of government schools are going to Singapore and these teachers will one day turn the schools around,” he said.

Highlighting the law-and-order situation in Punjab, Kejriwal said, “Earlier, the law-and-order situation in Punjab was very bad. Gangsters had political patronage. However, as soon as AAP arrived, it wiped them out on a large scale.”

“Today, Punjab ranks second in the country for the best law and order. I call upon Punjabis all over the world to invest in their community and sponsor the construction of mohalla clinics and schools in their villages,” said Kejriwal.

Speaking on the occasion, Punjab CM Mann said, “More than 10 lakh patients have been treated so far in the 100 mohalla clinics, which started on August 15. To make Rangla Punjab, it is necessary to make Sehatmand Punjab first and we will not allow any shortage in amenities for our people.”

“During the assembly elections, we promised to provide good and free treatment facilities to the people of Punjab and today, that facility has started functioning. On August 15, 100 Mohalla clinics started operating. And today, 400 more Mohalla clinics have started working. Now, there are a total of 500 mohalla clinics in Punjab,” Mann further said.

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