AAP MLA Somnath Bharti slams BJP for playing politics over Yamuna foam ahead of Chhath Puja

| Updated: 16 November, 2023 6:47 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA and Vice-chairman of Delhi Jal Board, Somnath Bharti, lashed out at the BJP government, accusing them of politicising the issue of toxic foam in the Yamuna River just days before the Chhath Puja festivities. During his visit to the Kalindi Kunj Ghat to address the foam issue, Bharti sharply criticised the Yogi-led Uttar Pradesh government for their alleged neglect of Yamuna’s cleanliness. Additionally, he took a swipe at BJP leader Manoj Tiwari, asserting that Tiwari lacks scientific knowledge.

Bharti, in his conversation to The New Indian, emphasised the importance of adhering to the National Green Tribunal’s directives, which restrict the use of Yamuna for idol immersion and Chhath celebrations. He urged worshippers to find Chhath Ghats near their colonies, acknowledging the recurring issues during Chhath Parva.

Highlighting the political aspect, Bharti stated, “The Kalindi Kunj barrage falls under the jurisdiction of the UP government. Despite our efforts, politics often interferes. Chief Minister Kejriwal has directed the Delhi Jal Board to resolve the issue conclusively using departments like INFC and Delhi Jal Board.”

Responding to Manoj Tiwari’s accusations regarding the AAP government’s responsibility for Yamuna’s cleanliness, Bharti countered, “Govardhan in UP, under BJP’s rule, exhibits more foam than here. Instead of engaging in politics, Tiwari should visit Govardhan and question Yogi Ji about the situation under their claimed Hindu government.”

Bharti questioned Tiwari’s scientific acumen, saying, “Manoj Tiwari possibly doesn’t have much knowledge about Science or Hydrology. Rather than politics, he should go and visit Govardhan.”

Regarding the BJP’s motivations, Bharti claimed, “This is just desperation on BJP’s part to attack AAP, as they can’t find any substantial accusations. We have succeeded on all fronts, and we won’t give BJP any more chances.”

Explaining the foam formation in Yamuna, Bharti pointed out, “Observing the other side of Kalindi Kunj Barrage, I noticed no foam. The height from which Yamuna falls creates the foam due to the reaction of sulphate and phosphate.”

In conclusion, Bharti extended good wishes to Chhath Puja worshippers and credited Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for the large-scale celebration of the festival in the city.

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