AAP Declares 5-Point Guarantee For Graft-Free Gujarat Govt 

NEW DELHI | Updated: 13 September, 2022 5:16 pm IST
AAP convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had lunch with an autorickshaw driver in Ahmedabad 

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday announced a five-point guarantee for corruption-free governance in Gujarat if his party comes to power.

Kejriwal said no one (CM, minister, MLA, or officer) will be allowed to indulge in any graft; all amount will be spent on people’s welfare; nobody would need to bribe for any government-related work; illegal work by politicians will be stopped, and those who indulge in the paper leak will be sent to jail.

Kejriwal is on a two-day visit to Gujarat where he is meeting people belonging to various sectors. On Monday, he met auto-rickshaw drivers, traders, and advocates. In the evening, he had dinner at the house of an auto driver as well.

While announcing the five-point guarantee, Kejriwal said: “If any of our CMs, ministers, MLAs, and officers are found corrupt, they’ll be put behind bars right away; we caught our minister doing wrong in Punjab and sent him to jail immediately.”

“In the last 75 years, not a single party has dared to send its own minister to jail in India,” he added. He further said: “You would not need to go to a government office in the first place. We will create a system through which the government workers will come to your doorstep and get the work done. This will eliminate the malpractice of bribery or involvement of middlemen.”

He also said that they have already put into place this system in Delhi and Punjab. We have started “doorstep delivery of services” in Delhi under which a phone number 1076 has been issued. Citizens can make a phone call on this number and tell the type of service they want: be it obtaining a ration card or getting a water connection.

The AAP national convenor pointed out: “We will put an end to all the illicit trade run by the ministers, politicians or officers in Gujarat. Spurious liquor is being sold in the state. Who has patronized this trade? It is the people who are in power. Drugs are also being imported into Gujarat in huge quantities and they also have the patronage of people in power.

Kejriwal also said that his government will curb the problem of exam papers getting leaked. “So many exam papers have been leaked in the past 10 years and yet, these people have already closed all the cases. We will reopen those cases. All the masterminds behind this malpractice, even if they are in the government or belong to any political party, will be imprisoned. No one will be spared,” he underlined.

The AAP leader added that every day, a new scam gets unearthed. “The AAP government will investigate all the scams and recover all the money. It is taxpayers’ hard-earned money. We will spend all that money to build schools, hospitals, roads, and to provide you with electricity and water.”

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