Uttarkashi tunnel rescue: 41 workers rescued, taken to AIIMS Rishikesh

UTTARKASHI | Updated: 29 November, 2023 8:13 pm IST
Doctors at the medical centre helping the workers recuperate

UTTARKASHI: Following 17 days of the workers being trapped inside the Silkyara Bend-Barkot tunnel at Uttarkashi district in Uttarakhand, they were taken to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at Rishikesh for further medical inspection, on Wednesday. 


The AIIMS in the holy town saw a heavy influx of workers who were airlifted through the Chinook IAF helicopter to bring them to the hospital. Upon reaching, the 41 trapped workers were heralded to the premises of the medical facility where they were divided into two wards. One of the wards was reserved for patients under more serious conditions. The other has been reserved for the rest. 

Dr Narender Kumar, the assistant professor at the institute highlighted that the 41 workers might be suffering from post traumatic disorder which is why they will be brought under observation. Kumar told The New Indian, “The 41 trapped workers might suffer post trauma hence we have brought them here for observation. They look happy but they might be suffering from post trauma.”


Moreover, the assistant professor highlighted that usual clinical tests will be conducted on the workers to check their blood and mental levels. “We are doing several tests on them to check blood levels, psychological impact and for other illnesses,” said Kumar. 


The two divided wards were visited by the authorities at the AIIMS hospital, and upon entering, they initiated garlanding of the affected workers to showcase their resilience and grit in maintaining a healthy mental state. 


On November 12, the tunnel collapsed because of a landfall resulting in 41 workers being trapped inside. Later, on the 16th day, Tuesday, the workers were rescued by ‘rat miners’ who evacuated them manually. Initially, the workers were being dug out through the use of Auger machines but for the third consecutive time, it malfunctioned resulting in it being stuck inside the structure. 


Presently, the workers will be kept under observation for another 24 hours before being discharged.

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