UP ATS quizzes Sachin’s cousins for creating Seema’s Aadhaar card

In a search operation, ATS sleuths also recovered the laptop used for making a fake Indian identity card for Pakistani woman Seema Haider

NEW DELHI | Updated: 24 July, 2023 2:07 pm IST
Authorities have found that Seema's uncle and brother who work in the Pakistan's armed forces (TNI photo)

NEW DELHI: The Uttar Pradesh Police’s Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) has picked up two cousins of Sachin Meena, for whom Pakistan’s Seema Haider illegally migrated to India, for allegedly creating a false Indian identity of the woman.

Pushpendra Meena and Pawan Meena run a Jan Sewa Kendra in their locality in Ahmadgarh area of Bulandshahr district. ATS sleuths have also seized the laptop used to make forged documents for Seema.

According to sources, Sachin sought help from his cousins when Seema arrived in India from Pakistan in May. He intended for Seema to stay with him as his wife, but initially, he wanted to keep her Pakistani origin a secret.

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The matter came to light when Seema and Sachin approached a lawyer for a court marriage on July 1. The lawyer informed the local police about Seema’s Pakistani nationality, resulting in the couple’s arrest.

Police sources revealed that Sachin had never disclosed Seema’s Pakistani identity to the landlord of the rented accommodation where they lived with her children. In an attempt to secure Indian citizenship for Seema, he resorted to obtaining a fake Aadhaar card for her.

After questioning Seema for a couple of days, the UP ATS also questioned Sachin on Sunday and took him to Bulandshahr for further investigation, where he was confronted with his cousins.

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Seema claimed to have come to India from Karachi, Pakistan, to marry Sachin, whom she befriended while playing PUBG in 2019. Prior to this, she was married and had four children but decided to leave her first husband due to unhappiness.

Seema and her children’s journey involved flying from Karachi to Dubai on May 10, then traveling to Nepal the following day. After spending a night at a hotel in Nepal, they traveled by chartered bus, passing through Rupanhedi, Khunwa, Siddharthanagar, Lucknow, and Agra before reaching Rabupura village in Greater Noida on May 13.

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