west bengal panchayat poll

No more the land of Bhadralok: BJP on West Bengal violence

West Bengal’s main opposition party termed Saturday as Black Day following incidents of violence during voting for panchayat election

Violent clashes mark West Bengal panchayat polls

Skirmishes, threats and irregularities reported as state wraps up single phase panchayat poll

Elections through ballot, not bullets: WB Governor calls for peace

Governor CV Ananda Bose appeals for peace amid rising instances of violence in the West Bengal panchayat election

West Bengal panchayat poll: 61,636 booths, 7.84 % vulnerable

State will go to polls on Saturday with 822 companies of central forces, along with state armed police force, on high alert to thwart any untoward incident

Mobocracy stifling democracy: WB Governor scorns WBSEC

Governor CV Ananda Bose calls out State Election Commissioner ahead of panchayat polls, questioning responsibility for violence and killings in West Bengal

CPI(M) goes digital with ‘Paharae Public’

CPI(M) makes digital effort to come close to people, launches new app ahead of panchayat poll for complaint reporting

West Bengal Panchayat Poll: HC orders central, state armed forces in all booths

State Election Commission instructed to maintain 50:50 ratio of CAPF and State Armed Police Forces in panchayat election

2021 once again: Ahead of election, Mamata suffers injuries

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee suffers hip and knee injuries while getting down from helicopter following an emergency landing