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Fear factor: Amritpal Singh releases video message

Amid speculation about his possible surrender, the fugitive pro Khalistani leader urges mobilisation of mob

Amritpal in Delhi? CCTV footage suggests so

Fugitive pro-Khalistani Waris Punjab De chief is caught on CCTV taking a stroll without a turban, wearing glasses and mask

V2155280: Number that changed Amritpal’s life

The New Indian accesses the information about Amritpal Singh’s passport that turned him from being the cool dude in Dubai to a fugitive pro-Khalistani radical preacher

EXC: Amritpal pointed gun on my ears, took my son’s clothes: 48-year-old Granthi

Fugitive pro Khalistani ultra and his henchmen discarded their robes, changed into clothes of Granthi’s son before fleeing

WATCH | Amritpal Singh’s recruits admit to being drugs, arms carriers

In a major breakthrough, it has come to light that the henchmen of the self-anointed champion of Khalistan, fugitive Amritpal Singh, were involved in the drug trade that has scourged Punjab. The New Indian accesses confessions on tape where the accomplices of Amritpal Singh admitted being drug carriers. They also admitted to being carriers of […]

WATCH | Amritpal Singh Kept Kirpan, Used Walkie Talkie Sets & Had Live Cartridges In Isuzu: Punjab Police

Police team led by Jalandhar Rural SSP Swarandeep Singh recovered a vehicle used during chase by Khalistani-ultra Amritpal Singh. “Recovered kirpan, walkie-talkies, .315 rifles and 57 live bullets from the vehicle,” says SSP Singh.

One-lane link road, 6-7 motorbikes: How Amritpal Singh dodged police

Fugitive pro-Khalistani preacher changed routes multiple times; his supporters on motorbikes divert cops

Sensational, clandestine operation cuts short Amritpal Singh’s run

Centre, state governments of Punjab and Assam come together to cut short fugitive pro-Khalistani ultra’s run; He and his men are taken to Assam jail

EXPLOSIVE CONFESSION TAPES: Amritpal Singh’s recruits sing on drugs, arms

The New Indian accesses exclusive videos of confessions by the accomplices of the self-styled Khalistan sympathizer where they admit to being drug, arms carriers 

Amritpal on the run, wasn’t arrested; did IPS RN Dhoke botch up ops?

Amritpal, who is the head of ‘Waris Punjab De’, was taken into custody from Nakodar in Jalandhar district.