Houthis pledge further Red Sea attacks after 3rd round of US-UK airstrikes in Yemen

NEW DELHI: On Saturday night, a new round of airstrikes by the US and UK targeted 36 Houthi sites in Yemen. In response, the militant group pledged to persist in their assaults on commercial shipping in the Red Sea. Six additional nations, including Canada, the Netherlands, and Bahrain, joined in backing the attack. According to […]

Could mounting Ethiopia-Somalia tensions trigger unrest in Horn of Africa?

NEW DELHI: Amid the global gaze fixated on conflicts like the war in Gaza, a brewing storm in the Horn of Africa demands a closer look. Recent developments have heightened tensions in this region known for its political instability, specifically stemming from Somalia’s abrupt cancellation of a pact with Ethiopia, on January 6, signed just […]

Netanyahu clarifies: No intention to remove Gaza’s population | Watch

 NEW DELHI: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Wednesday evening that Israel has no plans to permanently control Gaza or force its civilian population to leave. This comes in response to demands from hard-right ministers to reestablish Israeli settlements in the region and promote the emigration of Palestinians, which Netanyahu rejected. The PM shared […]

Year ender 2023: 10 most significant world events this year

NEW DELHI: Old conflicts continued, and fresh ones emerged, escalating geopolitical rivalries to the extent that a summit between opposing heads of state garnered significant attention, despite yielding minimal concrete results. Overall, positive developments remained scarce. Therefore, here are the top ten global events of 2023. It is advisable to scrutinize the following closely, as […]

EXCLUSIVE | UN Women, vapid apologists of sexual Jihad, should be replaced: Israel Deputy Ambassador

On Thursday, the conflict between Israel and the terror group Hamas reached its 55th day, with both sides currently observing a ceasefire. The truce, initiated on November 24, was extended by an additional 2 days until Wednesday, as mediators advocate for a more “sustainable” cessation of hostilities. In an exclusive interview with The New Indian, […]

EXCLUSIVE | Must return to authentic peace process and UN resolutions: Palestinian envoy

NEW DELHI: On October 7, Hamas militants initiated an unprecedented attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip, resulting in approximately 1,400 casualties and over 200 hostages, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In response, Israel conducted airstrikes on Gaza and launched a ground offensive. As per the Hamas-run health ministry, the current death toll […]

EXCLUSIVE | Israel-Palestine struggling in the clutches of unseen environmental crisis: NWF VP

NEW DELHI: It has been more than a month since the conflict between Israel and Hamas erupted. Israel has conducted intense airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the loss of several thousand lives. The objective is to eliminate Hamas militants who executed bold attacks on October 7, leading to civilian casualties and numerous hostages. […]

A chilling chronicle of Hamas’ unprecedented sadism on Israel | EXCLUSIVE

NEW DELHI: In the relentless theatre of war that is the Israel-Hamas conflict, the stage is set for an appalling spectacle of violence, where the innocent becomes the hapless victim, and the world shudders at the unfolding horrors. The first incident showcased to The New Indian at Wednesday’s heart-wrenching 40-minute screening at the Israel Embassy […]

EXCLUSIVE | War could spill over to Lebanon unless Hezbollah withdraws: Israel Ambassador

NEW DELHI: With the conflict between Hamas and Israel entering its third week, concerns are mounting that heightened tensions in the broader Middle East region could potentially lead to further outbreaks of violence. Lebanon, a country facing severe economic and political challenges, is at risk of getting embroiled in the escalating conflict between Israel and […]

EXCLUSIVE | Dismantle Hamastan using air power: Ex IDF chief on Gaza invasion

NEW DELHI: Israel initiated preparations for a ground incursion into Gaza shortly after facing an attack on October 7. This attack was in response to a surprise land-air-water assault by Hamas militants. On Friday, the Israeli military confirmed that troops and tanks conducted a brief operation in northern Gaza overnight, engaging with Hamas fighters and […]