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INTERVIEW| Fulfilled widowed mother’s dream: UPSC Topper Ishita Kishore

NEW DELHI: UPSC topper Ishita Kishore fulfilled her widowed mother’s dream through her remarkable success. In an emotional tribute, Kishore acknowledges her mother’s unwavering support, stating, “For all my emotional needs I went to my mother. She gave me moral support when I could not clear my prelims twice. She took care of my nutritional […]

Delhi boy UPSC 8th rank holder Anirudh Yadav shares his success mantra

In an exclusive interview with The New Indian, Anirudh Yadav, the 8th rank holder in the UPSC 2023 examination, shares his study approach, priorities, and proposed administrative reforms. The Delhi-based IITian reveals the sacrifices he made, including giving up his passion for squash, time with friends and family, and even limiting his use of social […]