On Makar Sankranti, Ujjain offer food made from sesame seeds & jaggery to Baba Mahakal

Ujjain celebrates Makar Sankranti at famous Mahakal Temple. Lord Mahakal gets traditional bath on Makar Sankranti. Devotees offer prayers to Baba Mahakal. Food made of sesame seeds and jaggery is offered to Baba Mahakal. People take holy baths in Shipra river on occasion

Noted TV Actress Vaishali Thakkar Dies By Suicide

Noted television artiste Vaishali Thakkar allegedly died by suicide on Sunday.

Ground Report: Mahakaal Lok Wears A Digital Look

Mahakaal Lok embibes Prime Minister Narendra Modi's twin visions - highlighting the rich Indian heritage as well as Digital India

GROUND REPORT: Mahakaal Lok Corridor Transcends Religious Divides

The inauguration of the Mahakaal Lok transcends religious divides as people from all faiths are joined by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in celebrating the power of the divine.

Old Couple Whose Rented Home Faces Mahakal Temple Wish A Home Of Their Own

The corridor is being built around the Mahakaleshwar Temple which is known to be one of the 12 existing ‘jyotirlingas’ in India.

PM Modi And Hindu Renaissance

There has been a Hindu renaissance as PM Modi has lent his hand in the restoration of the places of great reverence and also correcting the historical wrongs committed during the rule of the invaders.