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Ground Report: BJP expected to get a boost in DMK-ruled Tamil Nadu

With the first phase of elections, polling in India started on Friday, April 19, initiating the process of national elections. Many of the states, including Tamil Nadu, saw the massive participation of voters. The South India state voters participated from all 39 constituencies, which has been primarily dominated by regional players for decades.

Stalin’s supporters rally behind Rahul Gandhi in Tamil Nadu voting

As the election season in India starts, the media, politicians, and voters start to make their predictions. Tamil Nadu being one of the crucial states, with the 6th highest parliament seats, lags no further than electoral air. The polling in the state took place on Friday, April 19, where the voters shared their views on Rahul Gandhi, generating trust in him as the Prime Minister of India.

INTERVIEW| Don’t preach me…Karti Chidambaram loses temper on Chinese bribery row, Rameswaram visit

Karti's behaviour was marked by display of arrogance as he made provocative gestures and discriminatory oratory to patronise Dua, while making uncharitable remarks on the media organisation.

INTERVIEW| 2011 jail taught me who are my friends & women in politics are dispensable: Kanimozhi

As the sun sets over the palm-fringed coastline, the New Indian team heads to the Thoothukudi constituency of Tamil Nadu to capture the essence of the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections 2024. Kanimozhi, an MP from Thoothukkudi, is known for her atheistic views, which she openly discusses. Her political career, while notable for its longevity, has not been without controversy.

INTERVIEW| I am a proud atheist; Udhaynidhi & I free to follow atheism: Kanimozhi

Kanimozhi, an MP from Thoothukkudi, is known for her atheistic views, which she openly discusses. Her comments on Santana Dharma and her nephew’s controversial remarks have sparked discussions among the electorate.

After attacking Sanatan Dharma, Stalin revives ‘Hindi imposition’ charge against BJP

Reacting to Amit Shah’s remarks on the eve of Hindi Diwas, he said that Shah should stop ‘denigrating’ other languages than Hindi.

Under fire, Stalin Jr says BJP twisted his anti-Sanatan Dharma remark

Stalin Jr compared Sanatan Dharma with dengue, coronavirus, and malaria