Afghanistan permanently closes embassy in India

NEW DELHI: The embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi has declared the permanent shutdown of its operations. In an official announcement regarding the closure of its diplomatic mission in New Delhi, the Afghan embassy cited continuous challenges from the Indian government as the primary reason. The decision, effective from November 23, comes after the embassy […]

US mercenary plans to recruit Pakistani-based Afghan refugees as fighters for Ukraine

An American mercenary is reportedly attempting to export vulnerable Afghan refugees who have fled the Taliban and are currently residing in Pakistan, using counterfeit Pakistani passports. It raises questions about Pakistan's claimed neutrality in the conflict - is the country complicit in this plan?"

TNI Editorial | Musharraf doesn’t deserve India’s misty-eyed goodbyes

Taliban was quietly allowed to regenerate in Pakistan, and it happened right under Musharraf's watch.

Taliban leader mocks Pakistan with 1971 surrender photo

Doha-based Taliban leader tweeted the historic picture and threatens Pakistan with similar consequences if they dared to attack Afghanistan

Taliban issues decree forbidding work for women at NGOs

After stopping their access to education, the Taliban further curtails the freedom of women in Afghanistan

Help Us: Afghanistan Girls Speak on Taliban Imposing Ban for Women in Higher Education

Taliban bans women in Afghanistan from attending any college or university.

Monotheism’s fear of educated women

Monotheistic cultures can’t handle educated women or literate women who eventually start thinking independently and making their own decisions, living lives on their own terms.

EDITORIAL: Zawahiri’s Killing Too Late, Too Little

It took the CIA, supposedly the most competent intelligence agency in the world, 21 years to search and kill al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, the biggest ideologue of Islamist terrorism and mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks. The Egyptian physician-turned-terrorist, Zawahiri was knocked off in a US drone strike in Afghanistan on July 31. The ailing […]

India Not To Resume Kabul Embassy Immediately: MEA

  NEW DELHI: The first high-level visit from India to Afghanistan since the Taliban came back to power had set the rumour mills abuzz for a possible reopening of the Indian Embassy in Kabul. However, the Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday clarified that the visit is to oversee the delivery of humanitarian assistance to […]

Key Influencers Of Radicalism In Central Asia And Our Regional Future

The Afghanistan Factor Afghanistan stands to be one of the biggest influences in the rise of Islamism in Central Asia. The Islamic revolution in Iran of 1979, is the other one. But while Iran remains an inspiration mostly among the Tajik people who are the only non-Turkic ethnic group in the region, the Afghan jihad […]