CAMPAIGN TRAIL: In Shamli, BJP’s Rana Bites Into Sugarcane, Asks Akhilesh How’s Biryani As Son Feasts Over 97 % Marks

Thana Bhawan (SHAMLI): Walking briskly on Delhi-Shamli highway, amid a shower of marigold by his supporters, BJP’s poster boy for Hindutva and Yogi government’s sugarcane development minister Suresh Rana doesn’t mince his words on religious appeasement of his party’s principal opponent. This, as he staunchly defends his role in 2013-14 Muzaffarnagar riots during Akhilesh regime […]

UP Polls: In Wild West’s Shamli,  “Big Genitalia” Risque Still Shudders Them; Muslims Too Pin Gaddars In ’80-20′

THANA BHAWAN (SHAMLI, UP): At a roundabout near Hedgewar Chowk in Thana Bhawan — the constituency of Yogi Adityanath government’s sugarcane development minister and two-time MLA Suresh Rana in Uttar Pradesh’s notorious Shamli region — Manoj Kucchal, a retail shop owner, shudders as he recalls frequent distasteful innudendoes made on women by hawkers, real estate […]