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Pakistan condemns Iran’s airstrike, warns of serious consequences

The attack targeted bases belonging to the Sunni militant group Jaish al-Adl, resulting in the death of two children and injuries to three others, according to Pakistan's Foreign Ministry.

EXCLUSIVE | Iran’s shiite foxes leader of this evil axis: Former IDF chief on Israel-Hamas war

NEW DELHI: Iran and Hamas have maintained a longstanding relationship. Iran has supported Islamist groups opposing Israel for an extended period. It has asserted that Palestinians have the right to resist. While Iran has denied any direct involvement in the recent Hamas attacks and the Iranian foreign ministry has issued these denials, Iran argues that […]

Honour Killings: Muslim Male Has To Be Held Accountable

If there is one reality that drives home the point that freedom-loving, liberal secular, ordinary Muslims are the first victims of the orthodox, ossified, political Islamism – it is honour killing. Unfortunately, in India, it devours the non-Muslims too in its brutality – the ones who dared to challenge the ‘honour’ of the Muslim ummah […]