NASA finds potential habitable ‘Super-Earth’, 137 light-years away

NEW DELHI: NASA scientists have unearthed a celestial gem, a ‘super-Earth’ named TOI-715 b, which holds the potential to harbour life. Situated 137 light-years away from our planet, TOI-715 b boasts a size approximately one and a half times that of Earth. Its orbit falls within the conservative habitable zone around its parent star, a […]

AMD unveils state-of-the-art ‘Technostar’ campus in Bengaluru

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, AMD, the US-based semiconductor manufacturer, officially opened its biggest worldwide design centre in Bengaluru, India, as part of its efforts to enhance research, development, and engineering activities in the country. The cutting-edge facility aims to accommodate around 3,000 AMD engineers in the upcoming years and is dedicated to advancing semiconductor technology, […]

Competent authority approval awaited for DST’s announcement of new SATHI centres

NEW DELHI: Commenced in 2020, the SATHI (Sophisticated Analytical and Technical Help Institutes) programme sought to establish centres equipped with advanced analytical instruments, promoting collaboration and resource-sharing among institutions. The recent termination of the proposal solicitation under SATHI has generated concerns among educational institutions, particularly in Kerala, regarding the future of their research endeavours. The recent […]

Medical fraternity in Kerala scrambles to demystify ‘index’ Nipah cases

ERNAKULAM: With cases of Nipah virus infection rising to five, the medical community and experts in Kerala are grappling with unanswered questions, particularly regarding two index cases, where the source of infection remains unknown. Index case refers to a situation where infection transmits directly to a person from an animal. Many medical professionals are speculating whether […]

Nobody had the guts to film me: ex-ISRO scientist Nambi on national award

Nambi describes national award to ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ as an ‘emotional moment’

NCERT removes periodic table, faces backlash

Despite criticism, MoS Dr Subhas Sarkar says the decision aims to reduce the burden on students

2022 Will Be The Year Of Space Science In India

ISRO, India’s premier space agency will be looking for some better days in the coming year as it plans to speed several pending and new missions that have been delayed due to successive lockdowns this year. They have already given signals that there will be more launches and possibly 2022 will be the year of […]