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ISRO aims to launch 50 satellites in the next five years: S Somanath

Somanath stressed the importance of bolstering the nation's ability to monitor and respond to threats effectively.

First Indian astronaut on moon by 2040: ISRO Chairman

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: After the stellar success of its history-making Chandrayan-3 lunar mission, ISRO is going full throttle with its plans to send Indian astronauts for the first time on the moon by 2040, according to its chairman S. Somanath. “Looking ahead, ISRO aims to take the next step in space exploration with the Gaganyaan programme, planning […]

ISRO unveils initial findings from Vikram Lander’s ChaSTE payload on Chandrayaan-3

ChaSTE Payload's Initial Findings from Chandrayaan-3's Vikram Lander

Saree, Science, and Spirit: ISRO’s women pioneers embrace identity and excellence

With Kumkum on the forehead, Mangalsutra in the necks, wearing Sarees, and Kangans on their wrists are ISRO scientists celebrating after Chandrayaan3Landing on the Moon