Russia Ukraine Conflict

Sweden braces for unthinkable as Russian storm gathers on horizon

NEW DELHI: In an unprecedented move, Swedish officials have issued a stark warning to their citizens, urging them to be more prepared than ever for the looming spectre of war. This unsettling advisory comes in the wake of Sweden and Finland’s decision, in May 2022, to align themselves with NATO in response to Russia’s invasion […]

World taking note of India’s firm response to Chinese aggression

NEW DELHI: Indian Army chief General Manoj Pande on Friday said that India’s firm stance against Chinese aggression after the deadly Galwan Valley clashes has sent a strong message to the world about New Delhi’s political and military resolve. “The resolute and firm manner in which we stood up to our northern adversary (China) during […]

Impact of global oil price hike on India

International oil markets are in a tizzy as several rapid developments have pushed prices to levels last reached nearly a year ago. First, Russia and Saudi Arabia have extended voluntary production cuts till December while worldwide demand is rising. Second, export of gasoline and diesel from Russia has been stopped except to four former Soviet […]

Zelensky reaches Canada to drum up support for Ukraine war

President Zelensky is expected to address the Parliament, appealing for sustained support in the ongoing war against Russia

Ukraine commander forces women soldiers: sex or husband to fight Russians

Ukrainian army has been accused of widespread corruption and sexual harassment of women soldiers

Imran Khan’s ouster was US regime change ploy

A recent diplomatic cable leak has reinforced former Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s allegations of US pressure behind his dramatic ouster

REASON Ep. 36 Ft. Andrew Korybko, Political Analyst & US-Russia Expert | With Aarti Tikoo

The New Indian Editor-in-Chief Aarti Tikoo and US-Russia relations expert Andrew Korybko discuss the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict in this episode, analyzing the pace of events and its impact on current geo-politics.

Raisina Dialogue: Russian FM Sergei Lavrov slams West on Ukraine

Russian FM accuses West of treachery, threatening developing nations to force them to condemn Russia

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: India Expresses Concern Over Possible Use Of Dirty Bomb

During a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu, Union Defence minister Rajnath Singh reiterated the need for dialogue and diplomacy and urged him to avoid nuclear options.

Ukrainian Army Using Civilians As Human Shield: Russian Author

  In the 11th episode of REASON, The New Indian show hosted by Editor-in-Chief Aarti Tikoo, senior Russia journalist and author Sergey Strokan speaks in detail on the Russia-Ukraine war, “Ukrainian provocation”, information war by western countries, and Moscow’s relationship with the United States. Strokan dubs the war, which Russia terms as the “Special Military […]