‘Ye Sarkaar Topi walon ke khilaf hai’, says Lucknow’s Muslims

Maruf, a Lucknow resident of 40 years, expresses concern over the escalating tensions between the communities, "The government is running an agenda. I've been in Lucknow for 40 years."

Early Influences and Conflicting Beliefs

Childhood forms the canvas upon which our perceptions of divinity and empathy are painted, often guided by influential figures. For me, these figures were my grandfather and elder brother, embodying kindness and reverence for all life. My grandfather’s universal compassion nurtured my belief that every existence holds sacred value. Simultaneously, my brother’s empathy towards injured […]

Outsiders Within Muslim Community Will Have To Be Listened To

Hasan Suroor in his book ‘Who Killed Liberal Islam’ keeps reiterating that Muslim liberals or those who are not practising Muslims or summarily reject Sharia laws are outsiders and do not hold much clout among the Muslim masses. This is rich coming from someone who resides abroad, publishes book after book, describing the intolerance of […]

Advocate’s Plea In Delhi HC Seeks Ban On Forcible Conversion

NEW DELHI: Advocate Ashwini Upadhyay on Monday filed public interest litigation (PIL) in the Delhi High Court, seeking its direction to Delhi and Central governments to prohibit forcible religious conversion. The petition said that the religious conversion by intimidating, threatening, and deceiving people with gifts and monetary benefits, as well as by using black magic […]

No ‘Hijab’ or Religious Clothing Allowed in Colleges Till Matter is Decided: Karnataka High Court

BENGALURU: Amid the ‘hijab’ row that has been raging through the state, the Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi on Thursday passed an order that colleges in Karnataka can reopen but no student can wear any piece of clothing that symbolises religion till the matter is pending before the court. “We will pass an order that […]