SP MP asserts Muslims will adhere to Shariat amid Himanta’s law repeal move

NEW DELHI: In response to the Assam government’s decision to abolish the Assam Muslim Marriages and Divorces Registration Act, Samajwadi Party (SP) MP ST Hasan stated on Saturday that Muslims will adhere solely to the teachings of Shariat and the Quran. “There is no need to highlight this so much. Muslims will follow Shariat and […]

Early Influences and Conflicting Beliefs

Childhood forms the canvas upon which our perceptions of divinity and empathy are painted, often guided by influential figures. For me, these figures were my grandfather and elder brother, embodying kindness and reverence for all life. My grandfather’s universal compassion nurtured my belief that every existence holds sacred value. Simultaneously, my brother’s empathy towards injured […]

How Freethinking In Islam Is Suppressed: Part 1

Radical Islam as a political tool took shape in the 9th century, when the ordinances for sharia as divinely ordained and accepted in their totality without question were invented.

Honour Killings: Muslim Male Has To Be Held Accountable

If there is one reality that drives home the point that freedom-loving, liberal secular, ordinary Muslims are the first victims of the orthodox, ossified, political Islamism – it is honour killing. Unfortunately, in India, it devours the non-Muslims too in its brutality – the ones who dared to challenge the ‘honour’ of the Muslim ummah […]