Imran Khan vs Gen Asim Munir: Who will checkmate the other?

Having taken aim directly at Pak army chief, Khan has redrawn the intense chess game in such a way that one of the two must get flicked off the board after checkmate

How deeply is Pakistan’s army divided over Imran Khan imbroglio?

Former Pakistan PM had already targeted the very heart of Pakistan’s real establishment, the ISI

Pakistan burns after Imran Khan’s arrest

Next 48 hours in Pakistan are tipped to be extremely crucial as there are chances of coup within the army establishment as well

Police at Imran’s doorstep; PTI supporters launch massive resistance against arrest

Fierce clashes broke out between police and PTI supporters on Tuesday in Lahore, Pakistan after Islamabad police reached ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s residence at Zaman Park to arrest him. The Islamabad police team that arrived to arrest Imran Khan on Tuesday faced fierce resistance from PTI supporters, who assembled at Zaman Park to resist […]

Pakistan: Khan goes missing as Police come calling

Pakistan's ex-PM Imran Khan goes missing as Islamabad police reach Lahore to arrest him

WATCH | Pak police arrives at Imran Khan’s residence to arrest him

Pakistan police reach Former PM and PTI chairman Imran Khan’s Zaman Park residence in Lahore to take him into custody for his persistent absence from Toshkhana case hearing

Pakistan: Imran Khan granted bail in terror case amid high drama

Lahore High Court disposes of another plea in relation to the Election Commission of Pakistan

Imran Khan’s Last Stand

The House of Cards Imran Khan has built till now with strong hands can end up being demolished by the strong counterwinds of the establishment. Imran’s last stand aimed at bending the establishment’s knees might end up bringing him down onto his knees.

Imran and Benazir – Faint Similarity; Predictable Consequence

The attack on Imran Khan is not something out of the blue. The New Indian had expressed concerns back in early September about the possibility of incidents along the same lines.

Pakistani Journalist Dies In Imran Khan’s Rally

Former Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan had to cancel his ‘long march’ for the day after a female journalist was crushed to death under the container he was travelling in.