Poland seeks extradition of Nazi honoured in Canadian Parliament

The announcement was made by the Polish Education Minister Przemyslaw Czarnek, regarding the extradition of the 98-year-old Ukrainian-Canadian war veteran who had received praise in the Canadian parliament last week.

Did Putin mismanage Prigozhin affair?

Putin is not the bare-bodied bear-riding wild leader of a lawless land. He is, at his core, a bureaucrat with the constitution of a chess player

Another Kerala youth killed in Poland ; Muraleedharan assures justice

Suraj started working in Poland five months back as a supervisor in a private firm.

Nord Stream Blasts Opens Up Several Fault Lines Within The West 

The reaction of the West to the Russian Special Operation did well to fairly expose the inner structure of their Imperialist Club. The Nord Stream blasts have managed to keep the focus on that exposure.  

India Temporarily Moves Its Ukraine Embassy To Poland

India has decided to shift its diplomatic mission from Ukraine to neighbouring Poland, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said.  Since the war escalated in Ukraine, the Indian Embassy was shifted to Lviv from the capital Kyiv, the spokesperson of MEA informed The New Indian. This development occurred soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed India’s security on the outbreak of  […]