Protests turn deadly in PoK; Amit Shah responds

Violent protests have erupted in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) due to soaring costs of food, fuel, and utilities. Since May 10, the demonstrations have resulted in the death of a police officer and over 90 injuries. The unrest began when around 70 members of the Joint Awami Action Committee (JAAC) were arrested during a strike against high living costs, leading to further clashes.

UAE recognizes Pak-occupied-Kashmir as part of India

NEW DELHI: In a significant diplomatic move, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recognized Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) as part of India. This was revealed in a video shared by UAE Deputy Prime Minister Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the G20 Summit held in New Delhi. The video intended to highlight regional initiatives for an economic […]

Reopening Kashmiri Pandit killing cases: A ray of hope for justice

The reopening of Kashmiri Pandit killing cases after three decades have offered a glimmer of hope for the displaced community

Govt introduces landmark bills to empower disenfranchised minorities in Jammu & Kashmir

The introduction of these bills comes in the wake of a recent delimitation process, which increased the number of seats in the Jammu & Kashmir Assembly from 107 to 114.

Anti-India Congresswoman Ilhan Omar ousted from powerful US Foreign Affairs Committee

Islamist radical democrat Ilhan Omar was on Thursday removed from the powerful US Foreign Affairs Committee on account of her anti-semitic remarks. The Minnesota representative is known for catering to Islamist radicals and being soft on countries that provide safe haven to terrorism. Omar is also known to make anti-semantic and anti-India comments. The House […]

Why Dangri attack should have us worried

As the G20 and the state elections are in the pipeline, Pakistan will try all the means to exploit the minorities of J&K and create communal hatred. It will affect rural areas like Dangri the most.