Pakistan Army

Imran Khan’s rollercoaster ride: Twists, turns in Pakistani Politics

Pakistan’s political landscape is in turmoil, with Imran Khan’s acrobatics, surprising twists in US interests, and hidden power plays within the Pakistan Army. As the political circus unfolds, the future looks uncertain for Khan

Imran Khan arrest: Pakistan army’s grip on polity may be forever altered

The upshot of the turmoil in Pakistan is that the country’s army has been weakened. Whichever way things turn out now, its role in Pakistan’s polity is likely to be diminished—perhaps severely reduced, at least for a while. This diminishment has been very obvious since the arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday. […]

Could a shadow cold war be at play in Pakistan’s turmoil?

A huge question mark hangs over whether another power may covertly be fanning these flames of rebellion

How deeply is Pakistan’s army divided over Imran Khan imbroglio?

Former Pakistan PM had already targeted the very heart of Pakistan’s real establishment, the ISI

Pakistan burns after Imran Khan’s arrest

Next 48 hours in Pakistan are tipped to be extremely crucial as there are chances of coup within the army establishment as well

Son of blacklisted nuclear scientist with terror links, becomes Pakistan Army’s media chief

Ever since Pakistan’s new Army chief General Asim Munir picked General Ahmed Sharif to lead the powerful Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR)– the Army’s media wing, the latter’s background has generated a lot of interest.  Sharif is the son of controversial, and blacklisted nuclear scientist Bashiruddin Mahmood. Mahmood was arrested in 2003 and later released by […]

Pakistan, A Political Tinderbox

Imran Khan’s relentless tirade against the establishment has borne fruits for his chance of political resurgence nationally once again after he was ousted as a Prime Minister four months back. His party’s resounding victory in Punjab by-elections, a traditional bastion of the PML (N) is akin to the fact that Imran Khan is very much […]

A Huge Proxy War Of World Powers Has Been Kicked Off In Pakistan

Many of us have analysed the ongoing battles in Ukraine as a proxy war by the US against Russia. As proxy contests go, however, that may be outstripped by the trial of strength between the world’s major agencies in the power games that are likely to play out in Pakistan in the next few weeks. […]