Sweden braces for unthinkable as Russian storm gathers on horizon

NEW DELHI: In an unprecedented move, Swedish officials have issued a stark warning to their citizens, urging them to be more prepared than ever for the looming spectre of war. This unsettling advisory comes in the wake of Sweden and Finland’s decision, in May 2022, to align themselves with NATO in response to Russia’s invasion […]

Serbia: Strong People; Weak Leaders

The painful history of Serbia, bombed twice by NATO in the '90s, remains overshadowed globally. The nation's attempts to align with the West ended in betrayal, revealing the West's control agenda. Recent events paint Serbia's leader as a 'Putin,' facing external pressures.

Biden shot Western Europe in the foot through his Ukraine war

As the war in Ukraine peters out, Russia remains stable and relatively strong, while Western Europe has taken an economic beating. Its largest economy, Germany’s, has contracted, and inflation is biting populations across the continent. The US, the main driver of this war-fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian, as some wits put it—has emerged quite […]

Can Indian-American Vivek Ramaswamy win US presidential poll?

Ramaswamy is currently tied at second position with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the Republican race

USA’s strategic drubbing in Ukraine could pose challenge for India

After its strategic defeat in Ukraine, Washington is looking to pit India against China

Did Putin mismanage Prigozhin affair?

Putin is not the bare-bodied bear-riding wild leader of a lawless land. He is, at his core, a bureaucrat with the constitution of a chess player

Pakistan’s power play: Key factor in India’s strategic flexibility

India needs flexibility in its tightrope walk over an extraordinarily treacherous geopolitical minefield

Orion: IAF to fly with NATO fighters

Indian Air Force to participate in multilateral international exercise Orion in France, which will feature many NATO nations

NATO paradox and other American miscalculations

As the conflict in Ukraine begins to look like a key marker paging the end of unipolarity, one cannot help but look back at two of the four big miscalculations of the USA

NATO chief delusional in his speech: Swedish security expert

Security expert believes the NATO chief’s speech on the inclusion of Sweden and Finland is to reassure scared children