Muslims in India

Muslims in India benefit most from government schemes, finds study

In some cases, minority communities have gained more than the majority.

To be or not to be: UCC dilemma

Implementation of Uniform Civil Code has been a contentious issue in India, with various religious groups opposing it

What is holding Indian Muslim community back

The opportunist intellectuals within the Indian Muslim community are holding them back

Islamic values & Muslim women in politics of India

The statement of the Shahi Imam of Ahmadabad’s Jama Masjid Shabbir Ahmed Siddiqui in Gujarat has exposed the general religious attitude of the ummah towards Muslim women in the political sphere. The usual suspects can be expected to come up with apologia or maintain a strategic silence since this controversial statement doesn’t correspond with the […]

Weaponized Narratives: A Threat to National Security

But unfortunately, Pakistan has turned the cricket ground into an invisible battleground with the intent to play a much more sinister game.

Blasphemy Or The Right To Criticise

  Doubt is not new or modern, doubt has been an ancient practice ever since humans started gazing at the stars, trying to figure out natural phenomena. Once religion became organised, trying to explain the natural phenomenons as the wrath of the gods, there were bound to be dissenters, sceptics and agnostics who felt that […]