Muslim women

Muslim women demand ‘guarantee cards’ promised by Congress during election campaign

The Congress had distributed these 'guarantee cards' to many households in the Chowk area of Lucknow, pledging these financial benefits in their poll manifesto released on April 5th.

Will February 1, 2023 settle the hijab debate?

February 1st every year is a battle day for the hijab debate, which refers to the ongoing discussion and controversy surrounding the wearing of the hijab

Triple Talaq, Halala: Muslim Woman Alleges Marital Rape Assault

The inhumane practice appears to be still prevalent in the Muslim community as an incident of triple talaq and halala involving a woman and her brother-in-law came to light in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur.

Is PFI The New SIMI? Role OF Fundamentalist Organisation In Instigating Hijab Protest Under Probe

Contrary to what sympathisers claim, the ongoing Hijab protests in Karnataka and other parts of the country are allegedly being sponsored and propped by Popular Front of India (PFI) and its student’s wing Campus Front of India (CFI). Intelligence agencies investigating the tail of the hidden support behind this sudden eruption of protests for wearing hijab […]

Kathua Rape Showed What Normalising ‘Sulli/Bulli’ Fantasies Could Lead To

Reactions to the online ‘auction’ of Muslim women have ranged from revulsion to compassion (yes, for misguided youthfulness), but most observers seem to have taken for granted that those who put up those names and photos on the internet were just having a lark, albeit a wicked, criminal, or disgusting lark. Too few seem to […]

2nd Yr B Tech Assam Student Behind Bulli Bai, Delhi Police Spl Cell Cracks Case

NEW DELHI: Days after photographs of several Muslim women were posted for auction online, the Delhi Police on Thursday said that it has arrested the main conspirator and creator of Bulli Bai app on Github from Assam. A senior Delhi Police official told The New Indian that the main conspirator and creator of Bulli Bai […]

Uniform Civil Code – A Ray Of Hope For Indian Muslim Women

The topic of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) dates back to the colonial period and later made its presence felt during post-independent India era where mostly women representatives in parliament, B.R. Ambedkar and Jawahar Lal Nehru spoke in favor of it. However, due to lack of consensus, UCC was introduced under Article 44 of the Directive Principles of […]