Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

MEA advises against travel to Iran and Israel

New Delhi: In light of the current volatile situation in the region, the Indian government has issued a travel advisory urging its citizens to refrain from traveling to Iran or Israel until further notice. The advisory, dated April 12, 2024, comes amidst escalating tensions and security concerns in both countries. Travel advisory for Iran and […]

MEA moves embassy due to worsening situation in Myanmar

New Delhi: The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) announced on Friday that Indian Embassy staff have been relocated from Sittwe to Yangon due to the “precarious and deteriorating” situation in Myanmar. This decision comes amidst escalating conflict within the nation, prompting the Indian government to take precautionary measures. Randhir Jaiswal, spokesperson for the MEA, confirmed […]

MEA assures safety, advises caution for Indian workers in Israel

New Delhi: Amidst escalating concerns over the safety and well-being of Indian workers departing for Israel, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has issued a cautious statement, emphasizing the need for heightened vigilance. The first batch of Indian construction workers, totaling 64 individuals from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, embarked on their journey to Israel on […]

MEA establishes emergency control room for Haiti crisis evacuation

Haiti has plunged into chaos as criminal gangs, well-armed and organized, have taken over the capital city, Port-au-Prince, leading to a collapse of social order. The ongoing gang uprising has resulted in widespread violence and instability, prompting concerns about the safety of residents and foreign nationals in the country.

Illegal agencies: Inner enemies

The situation is dire, with approximately 2,925 illegal agencies duping individuals aspiring to work abroad. Gujarat and Karnataka are grappling with 56 and 80 illegal agencies, respectively, while other states collectively host a staggering 1,832 such agencies.