INSV Tarini triumphs: Women officers make history at sea

This historic achievement marks a new chapter in the Indian Navy's sailing history and underscores the Navy's commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women in the maritime domain.

Rs 60 crore financial fraud surfaces in J&K; 50,000 investors duped

SRINAGAR: A financial scam involving Rs 60 crores has surfaced in the Kashmir valley. The scam has allegedly been committed by an organisation called “Curative Survey Agency”. Investors have alleged that they were duped of their hard-earned money by a private company based in the Valley. Some investors held a protest in Srinagar, alleging that […]

443 lives lost: The grim reality of sewer cleaning in India

NEW DELHI: As many as 49 lives had been lost to unsafe sewer and septic tank cleaning by November 20 this year, Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Ramdas Athawale, disclosed. While discussing this alarming statistic, he also underscored the human cost of a hazardous occupation that continues to claim lives across the nation. The data reveals […]

Haryana women attending puja in Nuh face stone pelting, 8 sustain injuries; FIR filed

NEW DELHI: Three minors were apprehended for purportedly hurling stones from a madarsa at eight women heading to partake in a ‘kuan (well) poojan’ ceremony at a local temple in the Nuh district of Haryana. The women, who were on their way to the temple, reported that stones were thrown at them from the madarsa. An […]

WATCH | Pro-Khalistani protestor harasses ‘Brahmin’ woman outside Indian Mission in USA

A pro-Khalistan protestor was seen harassing women outside Indian mission in USA. He’s seen pointing the cam at a woman, catcall her in front of security. He’s heard making distasteful ‘casteist’ remarks at the woman. “I’m going to tease Brahmin women, and have fun”, he says.