Karan Kataria

LSE Hinduphobia: More students come out in support of Karan Kataria

After The New Indian conducted an exclusive interview with Karan Kataria, a law student at the London School of Economics, in which he narrated how he was unfairly ousted from the LSE Students’ Union election for General Secretary, more students have shown their support for Kataria. These students revealed that a group of Indian students […]

UK SENSATIONAL: I wore Hindu identity, LSE told me I need counselling: Shocked 22-year-old Indian

Dejected twenty two year old Indian student Karan Kataria, who has become the latest casualty of widespread cancel culture, has said he feels suicidal after the prestigious London School of Economics sought to “counsel him” after disqualifying him last week from contesting student polls over charges that his temperament was too Islamophobic in the campus. […]