Taliban issues decree forbidding work for women at NGOs

After stopping their access to education, the Taliban further curtails the freedom of women in Afghanistan

Monotheism’s fear of educated women

Monotheistic cultures can’t handle educated women or literate women who eventually start thinking independently and making their own decisions, living lives on their own terms.

Amid Grief, Final Prayers For Sikh Man Killed In Kabul

NEW DELHI: Tears rolled down the cheeks of Ajmeet Singh as Farid Mamundzay, the Afghan Ambassador to India, hugged him after giving him a photo of his father Sawinder Singh Kakkar on Monday. It was a poignant moment that overwhelmed the occasion as the Antim Ardas for Sawinder Singh Kakkar, the 55-year-old who was killed […]

Delhi Declaration: Afghan Territory Must Not Be Used For Terror Acts, Non-Interference In Its Internal Affairs

NEW DELHI: Top security officials of India and seven other countries on Wednesday discussed the evolving situation in Afghanistan, especially the security situation and its regional and global ramifications. In the third regional security dialogue chaired by NSA Ajit Doval, the eight nations called for a collective cooperation against the menace of radicalisation, extremism, separatism […]