WATCH | ‘I reached my destination and you too!’ : Chandrayaan-3

“‘I Reached My Destination, and So Did You!’ – Chandrayaan-3”


“Humans of Chandrayaan-3” captures the celebration and excitement on the significant day of the mission.

WATCH | How ISRO Tracked Chandrayaan | The New Indian Reports From Ground In Bengaluru

Describing ISRO’s Tracking of Chandrayaan: The New Indian Provides Ground Reporting from Bengaluru

WATCH | The New Indian reports from ISRO HQ live: Chandrayaan-3 set to make soft landing on moon

The new Indian brings you exclusive coverage of India’s Moon mission from ISRO’s headquarters in Bengaluru. The LANDER is set to descend from the height of 25km around 6:04 PM IST. Vikram, the lander, along with the rover Pragyan, is poised to touch down near the Moon’s south pole, marking India as the fourth country […]

GROUND REPORT| How ISRO chief said it…..India Is On The Moon; Male & Female Colleagues In Tow

ISRO HQ (BENGALURU):  Gazing at the final countdown for the Vikram lander from 150 m to 30 m, sixty year-old triumphant Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) director S Somanath looked in control – of his emotions – much like the Chandrayaan 3 that was descending in front of him, 3.84 lakh km away. The unflappable, […]

Chandrayaan’s success recipe: Sand artist, Kalka Mata prayers & namazis

NEW DELHI: As engineers and scientists kept their gaze fixed at their computer screens at ISRO’s command centre in Bengaluru, crores of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Buddhists on Wednesday came together to pray for the success of Chandrayaan-3. Scores of social, religious and non-profit organisations organized havan, puja, namaz and prayer services across the country […]

Chandrayaan Success: India scripts history by landing on Moon

BENGALURU: India created history on Wednesday after Chandrayaan-3 landed successfully on lunar surface, completing 40-day cycle as a billion-strong nation joined ISRO scientists with bated breath to watch the Vikram lander kissing the moon. With the success of this mission, India has now entered the elite club of countries that have successfully landed on the […]

All you need to know about India’s Moon missions

India’s tryst with Moon began in 2008

15 minutes of terror: How ISRO plans glitch-free landing at 6:04 pm

The final descent will commence from an altitude of 25 km at 5:45 pm

WATCH | COUNTDOWN: 5 Days To Go, India’s Moon Mission On Right Track | Chandrayaan Ground Report From VSSC

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Friday announced that the Lander Module (LM), that had separated from the propulsion vehicle, was normal and on its way to land on the moon, leading to frenzied excitement in the country on one of the most keenly-watched space programs after the failed mission three years ago. LM successfully […]