Fines imposed on IndiGo & Mumbai airport operator for runway dining

NEW DELHI: The Civil Aviation Ministry has imposed substantial fines on IndiGo and Mumbai airport operator (MIAL) in response to a widely circulated video depicting passengers dining on the airport runway following the delayed Goa-Delhi flight on January 14. The ministry, exhibiting a stringent stance, fined Mumbai airport Rs 90 lakh and IndiGo a hefty […]

DGCA implements oversight measures in 2023 to fortify aviation safety standards

These measures play a critical role in mitigating potential safety risks and maintaining the highest standards of safety across the industry.

Shameful: IndiGo passengers made to change flights and wait for hours, Kapil Sharma takes to X

IndiGo Airlines has found itself in the midst of another controversy yet again, when renowned actor-comedian Kapil Sharma took to X to express frustration with the airline brand, on Wednesday, accusing them of extensive delays and inconvenience to passengers. Sharma, 42, criticised the airline for making passengers wait inside a bus for an extended period […]

No respect: How IndiGo treats your luggage and you

IndiGo staff was caught on camera throwing musical instruments belonging to popular Sufi singer Bismil into a carrier

You Shut Up! IndiGO crew member yells at passenger

A video of an altercation between a passenger and one of the crew members of IndiGo airline has gone viral on social media. The purported video shows a heated argument between the crew member and a passenger (not seen in the video). The crew member accuses the passenger of talking to the staff harshly, which […]

IndiGo row: Crew member misbehaves, yells ‘SHUT UP’ at passenger

A video of a heated argument between a crew member and a passenger has gone viral on social media

IndiGo Plane Catches Fire: Narrow Escape For 177 Passengers, 7 Crew Members

The falling standards of IndiGo once again came to the fore as at least 177 passengers and seven crew members had only the almighty to thank after a near-death experience on Friday.

IndiGo Draws Nationwide Ire Again, DGCA Holds It Guilty On Teen Row

  NEW DELHI: Days after the budget air carrier IndiGo refused to board a child with special needs, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Monday in its probe found that the airlines “handled the passenger inappropriately” thereby resulting in certain non-conformances with the applicable regulations. It also issued a show-cause notice to the […]

IndiGo Co-Founder Rakesh Gangwal Donates Rs 100 Cr To IIT Kanpur For Research

KANPUR: IndiGo airlines co-founder Rakesh Gangwal has donated Rs 100 crore to his alma mater Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur for setting up the School of Medical Sciences & Technology at the IIT. “In an extraordinary gesture, our alumnus Rakesh Gangwal, Co-Founder of IndiGo airlines has made one of the largest personal donations with a […]