IndiGo airlines

Watch: IndiGo passenger assaults pilot on Delhi-Goa flight due to delay; apprehended

In an unfortunate incident, a passenger on a Sunday IndiGo Airlines flight physically attacked the pilot as he communicated the flight's delay.

Shameful: IndiGo passengers made to change flights and wait for hours, Kapil Sharma takes to X

IndiGo Airlines has found itself in the midst of another controversy yet again, when renowned actor-comedian Kapil Sharma took to X to express frustration with the airline brand, on Wednesday, accusing them of extensive delays and inconvenience to passengers. Sharma, 42, criticised the airline for making passengers wait inside a bus for an extended period […]

Decision to review existing DGCA rules welcome move

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is actively engaged in a comprehensive review of aviation rules with the primary goal of enhancing the overall passenger experience and making air travel more accommodating. As part of the proposed changes, airlines could be mandated to not only offer assistance but also provide compensation to passengers facing […]

No respect: How IndiGo treats your luggage and you

IndiGo staff was caught on camera throwing musical instruments belonging to popular Sufi singer Bismil into a carrier

You Shut Up! IndiGO crew member yells at passenger

A video of an altercation between a passenger and one of the crew members of IndiGo airline has gone viral on social media. The purported video shows a heated argument between the crew member and a passenger (not seen in the video). The crew member accuses the passenger of talking to the staff harshly, which […]

IndiGo row: Crew member misbehaves, yells ‘SHUT UP’ at passenger

A video of a heated argument between a crew member and a passenger has gone viral on social media

IndiGo Draws Nationwide Ire Again, DGCA Holds It Guilty On Teen Row

  NEW DELHI: Days after the budget air carrier IndiGo refused to board a child with special needs, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Monday in its probe found that the airlines “handled the passenger inappropriately” thereby resulting in certain non-conformances with the applicable regulations. It also issued a show-cause notice to the […]