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Hindu liberals and Muslim communalists’ alliance is hindrance

The Hindu liberal-Muslim communalist patron-client dynamic also obstructs Muslim mainstreaming into the broader Indic societal fabric, perpetuating a narrative that links the minority community with specific political or communal interests rather than recognizing them as integral contributors to the nation's progress.

Mental health of reformers and dissenters among Indian Muslims

Sadaf Vidha is a therapist with a keen interest in exploring the psychosocial aspects of individuals, incorporating elements from clinical material, arts, literature, poetry, politics, and social media. Her approach is influenced by deep psychology, intersecting feminism, Buddhism, and postmodern thought. Vidha utilizes these perspectives in her work with clients, and teaching contexts, as well […]

Dear Mehbooba Mufti, get enrolled in a science course

Mehbooba Mufti’s objection to Ghulam Nabi assertion that Indian Muslims are Hindu converts signifies what went wrong with Kashmir and the Islamic civilisation

Case for a Uniform Civil Code in India

Reforms of personal laws have been resisted by misogynistic, medieval mentalities, male ulemas and power-hungry elite Muslim pressure groups

Pakistan’s migrant outflow crisis a lesson for Indian Muslims

Around 300 Pakistani nationals – many from Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) – drowned after an overcrowded Libyan boat sank off the Greece coast last week. The Pakistani embassy in Athens identified 12 nationals who escaped drowning, out of the hundreds on the boat. But the numbers are higher. For years, Pakistanis have been migrating to Europe for […]

Dawkins needs to study the evolution of Indian thought

The recent evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins’ tweet equating Hinduism and Islam based on the misinformation

Civil War of the State of Islam vs the Islamic State

Islam is facing a crisis, as evidenced by the prevalence of violent strains across more than 50 Muslim-majority countries and among Muslim populations living in non-Muslim countries

Importance of deconditioning

Exploring hard truths and the roots of middle eastern colonialism in Kashmir and the Indian subcontinent

Will February 1, 2023 settle the hijab debate?

February 1st every year is a battle day for the hijab debate, which refers to the ongoing discussion and controversy surrounding the wearing of the hijab

The Four Elements of Ideological Recruitment

Maajid Nawaz describes the four elements of ideological recruitment as grievance narrative, identity crisis, charismatic recruitment and ideological dogma