Imran khan

Imran Khan’s Last Stand

The House of Cards Imran Khan has built till now with strong hands can end up being demolished by the strong counterwinds of the establishment. Imran’s last stand aimed at bending the establishment’s knees might end up bringing him down onto his knees.

Imran and Benazir – Faint Similarity; Predictable Consequence

The attack on Imran Khan is not something out of the blue. The New Indian had expressed concerns back in early September about the possibility of incidents along the same lines.

Pakistani Journalist Dies In Imran Khan’s Rally

Former Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan had to cancel his ‘long march’ for the day after a female journalist was crushed to death under the container he was travelling in.

Toshakhana Case: Imran Khan’s Disqualification Triggers Protests In Pakistan

What may come across a bizarre set of accusations, Imran Khan allegedly sold gifts received from foreign dignitaries during his tenure as the country's premier.

Pakistan, A Political Tinderbox

Imran Khan’s relentless tirade against the establishment has borne fruits for his chance of political resurgence nationally once again after he was ousted as a Prime Minister four months back. His party’s resounding victory in Punjab by-elections, a traditional bastion of the PML (N) is akin to the fact that Imran Khan is very much […]

Imran, Kapil To Cummins – Pacers Who Nailed Test Captaincy

BENGALURU: When Jasprit Bumrah took the field as a captain, in the absence of Rohit Sharma, for the rescheduled fifth Test against England at Edgbaston, he became the first pacer to captain India in a Test match in 35 years. Before him, Kapil Dev had captained India in 34 Tests in the 1980s. Recently, Pat […]

Key Influencers Of Radicalism In Central Asia And Our Regional Future

The Afghanistan Factor Afghanistan stands to be one of the biggest influences in the rise of Islamism in Central Asia. The Islamic revolution in Iran of 1979, is the other one. But while Iran remains an inspiration mostly among the Tajik people who are the only non-Turkic ethnic group in the region, the Afghan jihad […]

‘Imran Khan’s Failure Resulted In His Ouster’

  In this exclusive interview with The New Indian Editor-in-Chief Aarti Tikoo, noted Pakistani author Imtiaz Gul says Imran Khan pursued his agenda of reforms that did not suit the well-established architecture of politicians, bureaucrats, and the powerful military. Khan started abusing bureaucrats for all ills of Pakistan that set the stage for his ouster, […]

Former PM Imran Khan Will Be Arrested: Pak Interior Minister

NEW DELHI: Signalling more troubles for embattled Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Interior Minister on Sunday said that the former Pakistan Prime Minister will be arrested for sloganeering against his successor Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on the premises of Masjid-e-Nabawi (PBUH) on Thursday in Saudi Arabia. “They will not be forgiven at all for what they did. […]

What Really Happened In Pakistan

NEW DELHI: Luck has not favoured Imran Khan to retain his incumbency as the Pakistan Prime Minister following a no-confidence vote held on Saturday night. The no-confidence motion brought against Khan secured the support of 174 members in the 342-member assembly, more than the required 172 votes to unseat him. Ruling PTI members walked out […]